How My Life Has Changed Since Finnick

Last week, I adopted a bunny. He is almost seven weeks old now. I thought I was adopting a cute and furry little pet. This was not the case. Not at all.
What I brought home with me is part cat, part dog, and part calf, with the look of a lionhead rabbit.
Finnick Peter O’Reilly thinks he owns every single thing he looks at, including me. He explores every tiny little detail of my apartment daily to make sure everything is in it’s proper place. This includes the bookshelf by the window and shoe rack in my closet. Thus, he is part cat. I get up from my seat? You can guarantee he claims that spot within thirty seconds. You put a book or laptop down? He’s got to crawl over it and inspect it to make sure you’re following his rules. (Those consist of “don’t you dare pay attention to anything but me right now.”) He also has to stick his face in every text message. I’m pretty confident he is reading them to make sure I’m not making plans to leave him.
The dog part of his personality is because he is beyond loving. He refuses to admit it (and we’ve discussed this several times), but he adores being around people. If you are in the room, he will not leave your area until you walk away. He will wander and explore, but that includes crawling ALL over you and loving and sniffing you. He is currently curled up right next to my leg as I write this. He won’t get too close, but he had to make sure he is touching me.
If you’ve ever seen a baby calf kick up it’s heels when it is frolicking in the pasture, you will understand Finnick’s calf personality. He gets random spurts of energy (quite often, really) where he just SPRINTS laps around the apartment, whips around objects like a barrel racing horse, and kicks up his heels in the middle of the room and randomly changes direction. Not to spoil the fun, he runs into things. A lot. He’ll be booking it across the apartment, turn, and knock himself down on my bed. Then he hops right back up and does it the other direction.
He is incredibly smart though. He knows the command “kennel up.” Unfortunately, he also has very selective hearing. When you say it, he often turns around and pretends to be interested in whatever is nearest him. Even if that is only the floor.
With this all being said, I did not bring home a pet last week when I brought home my baby bunny. I brought home a new family member. ❤


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