Day 3: Travel, Medical, and Fun

Travel. Chartered flights, to say the least, are awesome. Our bus drove us right to the plane and we hopped on for our short flight. No security, no baggage checks, just a bunch of little soldiers chilling on a plane.
Medical. Medical is less wonderful. It consists of standing in lines for about 7 hours, for 3 days, and waiting. There are waiting rooms for waiting rooms for waiting rooms. Literally. We went to 4 different waiting rooms before we could get in. Then we got shots, blood draws, and all sorts of fun exams! Yay army!
Fun. This is where the adventures come out. After being poked and prodded, we get to go play. Let me give you a summary of army backyard football…
“Where’s our first down line?”
“Let’s use that big piece of lint on the field!”
“What if it moves?”
“Well then the first down line moves!”
… and so we play. Making up rules as we go.
Cards, a soldiers favorite past time. And you can be sure someone, somewhere has a projector and a hard drive loaded with movies.
We soldiers know how to play. (:
Til later.


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