Day 1. Before.

Hello friends.

The biggest adventure of my life is upon me. In a few short days, my adventure will begin and it is a story I look forward to sharing.

You see, I am going on my first deployment. I am unmarried, own no property, or anything of real value at all. I have no bills to pay while I am gone. I have what others may consider the ideal deployment. I expected be getting more nervous than I am, but I think most of the nerves came when we first got notice of the upcoming deployment. Now, I have accepted it not only as a fact of life, but rather as an amazing opportunity. While I am gone, I plan to learn as much about the culture around me as I possibly can, study anything and everything that interests me, and be financially stable when I return. That’s not to say I expect this to be easy. Deployment is going to be one of the biggest challenges in my life. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. The army is never easy. It will hurt some days. I will be homesick. I will get into fights with my battle buddies over trivial things. Some days will be scary. But I will get through it, just as all of the troops who have deployed before me.

So, I have packed my bags. I have put everything I own into storage, sold lots of my stuff, and have spent days and days with my family. I have (re-)started my blog, in the hopes that I will be able to share my stories with anyone who is interested in the musings of a twenty one year old soldier. And I am ready for this next big adventure.

This deployment will change me, and I welcome it with open arms. Every day, every experience is an opportunity to become a better person. This deployment is an amazing chance to do that. I will cross paths with people who can change my perspective on life, who will share their thoughts and ideas and dreams with me, and I will forge new and wonderful friendships. Life can offer no greater experience.


Til later.